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LBC Database

The LBC database (LBC-Db) is a fundamental resource for the LBC research unit; it was first created in 2016 and constantly updated over the years. LBC-Db is constructed according to four different parameters: generality, means of transmission, chronological limits, language.
LBC-Db comprises nine specialised corpora and has three main goals:

  • to collect linguistic materials to document the entries of the LBC multilingual dictionary;
  • to collect linguistic materials to carry out linguistic, literary, or cultural research activities;
  • to make texts available to the general public for a better understanding of the Italian cultural heritage.

From the very beginning of the LBC Project, it was decided that, as regards LBC-Db users, access to the database was not to be limited to the members of the LBC Research Unit in charge of drafting the LBC dictionary only. The LBC database is indeed freely available for consultation by external users who have an interest in its contents, such as translators and specialists in art history or in the Italian culture at large. External users can therefore search the corpora, extract concordance lines, and analyse the frequency lists made available for consultation.

Among the outcomes of the LBC research project are lexical wordlists (lemmari), representing the first step towards the compilation of multilingual dictionaries of the Italian cultural heritage. LBC research activities are currently focused on adding more texts to the existing LBC monolingual corpora and on creating parallel corpora.